Helllloooo out there!

Adele Gilani Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery for those looking for a pop of color, a little sparkle, a favorite pop or San Francisco icon. Adele Gilani Art Gallery features artists from the Bay and beyond, truly inspirational, bold, and memorable - art meant to change your life for the better!

I'm so excited to open my very first art gallery in Sunny Sausalito.  I've been a painter for over a decade and until now, I've never been able to show my work the exact way I want to, with the artists I truly admire.  

This gallery is uniquely me, uniquely my artist friends and uniquely a place for you to experience our artwork in the best way possible.  I believe artwork should be the focal point of a room.  It should be bold, inspiring and memorable. I hope you find artwork here that you can bring into your home to transform your life from this day forward.